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Commission Calculators

TeamCare's "Commission Calculators" feature is designed to streamline the process of calculating commissions for dental practice staff. Whether it's for treatments performed, patient referrals, or other commission-based activities, this feature ensures accurate and timely commission calculations. It removes the manual burden from administrators and provides clear, transparent breakdowns that staff can review. This feature promotes fairness, transparency, and efficiency, ensuring that staff is adequately rewarded for their contributions to the practice.

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Treatment Plan Case Acceptance

TeamCare's "Treatment Plan Case Acceptance" feature empowers dental practices with comprehensive insights into the acceptance rates of proposed treatment plans. This tool tracks the lifecycle of patients as they are presented with treatment options, schedule appointments, and complete their cases. It goes beyond mere acceptance statistics, offering valuable data to identify potential weaknesses in your outcomes. By analyzing these patterns, practices can refine their communication strategies, build patient trust, and enhance case acceptance rates. This, in turn, ensures patients receive top-notch care while optimizing clinic efficiency.

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Staff Leaderboards

Manage on facts, not feelings. Leaderboards make it objectively known the key metrics amongst the staff within each role. The are several metrics that are displayed in apples-to-apples format so you can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Often times, the results will surprise you!

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