Front Desk

Front Desk is involved in many workflows but primarily handle the patient's checkout, scheduling future appointments and financial arrangements.

Treatment Plan Case Acceptance

TeamCare's "Treatment Plan Case Acceptance" feature empowers dental practices with comprehensive insights into the acceptance rates of proposed treatment plans. This tool tracks the lifecycle of patients as they are presented with treatment options, schedule appointments, and complete their cases. It goes beyond mere acceptance statistics, offering valuable data to identify potential weaknesses in your outcomes. By analyzing these patterns, practices can refine their communication strategies, build patient trust, and enhance case acceptance rates. This, in turn, ensures patients receive top-notch care while optimizing clinic efficiency.

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Financial Arrangements

TeamCare's "Financial Arrangements" feature streamlines patient financial commitments, enabling dental practices to structure payment plans, monitor payments, and ensure transparent communication. It empowers staff to confidently discuss treatment costs, propose flexible payment solutions, and reduce financial misunderstandings. Moreover, the feature supports staff in monitoring, measuring, and improving financial aspects, contributing to better attendance rates, enhanced cash flow, and increased profitability.

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TeamCare's Preappointment feature empowers dental practices to achieve 80% primetime hygiene preappointment rates, ensuring that patients are scheduled for their next hygiene visit before they leave the office. This proactive approach to appointment scheduling minimizes gaps in patient visits, maintains consistent patient-provider relationships, and forms the foundation of any effective patient retention plan.

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The "Preauthorizations" feature in TeamCare is tailored to simplify and optimize the patient insurance verification process. By obtaining preapprovals for dental procedures, dental practices can provide clarity to patients about the treatments covered under their insurance, ensuring a smoother and more transparent patient experience. TeamCare's integrated system allows for seamless tracking, submission, and monitoring of preauthorization requests, minimizing administrative burdens and potential revenue delays.

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