Lab Case

TeamCare's "Lab Case" feature offers an intuitive solution for dental professionals to manage and monitor dental lab cases with precision. This feature ensures seamless coordination between dental practices and dental labs, allowing for efficient tracking of case statuses, delivery dates, materials used, and costs associated. Whether it's dentures, crowns, bridges, or any other dental prosthetics, the Lab Case tool streamlines the entire workflow, ensuring timely deliveries and optimal patient satisfaction. Integrated alerts and reminders ensure that no case is left unattended, and the detailed log maintains a record of all interactions for future reference.

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Contact List

The Contact List feature in TeamCare streamlines internal staff communication and coordination by providing a centralized repository for essential contact details of your practice team. This digital directory securely stores staff members' contact information, ensuring easy access and efficient communication within your dental practice. With the Contact List, practices can maintain accurate and up-to-date contact information, reducing communication gaps and enhancing staff coordination. TeamCare's Contact List empowers practices to improve internal communication, streamline daily operations, and provide exceptional care through efficient staff contact management.

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Ortho Case

TeamCare's "Ortho Case" feature is tailored specifically for the unique needs of orthodontic practices. With this tool, dental professionals can effortlessly track and manage each orthodontic case from initiation to completion. It offers a consolidated view of patient details, treatment progress, upcoming adjustments, and any special considerations. The built-in analytics provide insights into treatment durations, success rates, and possible areas of improvement. Plus, with seamless integration to other TeamCare features, scheduling and billing for orthodontic cases become more streamlined than ever.

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Referral Case

The Referral Case feature in TeamCare revolutionizes the way dental practices handle patient referrals. This robust tool streamlines the referral process, ensuring seamless communication between referring and receiving practices. With the Referral Case feature, practices can efficiently create, track, and manage referral cases, enhancing patient care and collaboration among dental professionals. This feature allows practices to send and receive critical patient information securely, view case statuses in real-time, and provide patients with a coordinated and integrated referral experience. TeamCare's Referral Case feature strengthens relationships between practices, promotes patient trust, and improves overall referral management.

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