Billing Support

Billing Support is a role commonly used for staff members that focus on billing and collections.

Billing Issue

The "Billing Issue" feature in TeamCare addresses one of the most common challenges faced by dental practices: managing and resolving billing discrepancies. Integrated directly into the TeamCare platform, this feature allows for real-time tracking of all billing activities, identifying anomalies, and providing actionable insights. With a user-friendly interface, staff can easily access patient billing histories, cross-check with treatments provided, and address discrepancies promptly. Additionally, the feature aids in streamlining communication with insurance providers, ensuring that all claims are processed accurately and timely.

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The "Preauthorizations" feature in TeamCare is tailored to simplify and optimize the patient insurance verification process. By obtaining preapprovals for dental procedures, dental practices can provide clarity to patients about the treatments covered under their insurance, ensuring a smoother and more transparent patient experience. TeamCare's integrated system allows for seamless tracking, submission, and monitoring of preauthorization requests, minimizing administrative burdens and potential revenue delays.

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